Thursday, December 29, 2005

How A Beginner Can Create A Great Site From Scratch

It has now become apparent that the most valuable skill that a would-be webmaster should have is not necessarily the technical know how to set-up the site, but a winning idea.

The proof is clearly visible in the hundreds of technically oriented webmasters who have sites that are struggling and some that have had to shut down. In fact many of the Internet success fairy tales we have all heard are mainly about people who had a great idea and found the technical back-up to execute it. Jeff Bezos of fame for example simply had a good idea about how to sell books online, the rest as they say is history.

Recent developments are taking us more in the direction of easy-do-it-yourself web building. In fact some of these services are of such design and professional standards that you would have to spend hours convincing others that it is actually a free site.

More and more it is becoming easier and easier for a total beginner with little or no knowledge in HTML or any other web language to create a site of world standards with very little sweat.

One such site that continues to help many beginners build a professional-looking sleek site is SiteKreator. The advantages here do not just stop with the building of the site. A wide array of extremely useful features are available once your site is up and running. It ranges from state-of-the-art and efficient tracking tools to useful marketing features that allow easy and regular emailing to visitors to your site.

As a result several sites have started off as free-hosted sites at SiteKreator and graduated into paid services and bigger things.

All this is more than enough evidence that if you have some useful ideas or are capable of generating them, you should not waste another moment in embarking on the creation and building of your own popular website, whether or not you have the technical background to achieve this.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How Smart Online Entrepreneurs Are Making A Fortune from Adsense Using Free Sites

You have probably read lots of advice from various so-called experts warning you against the use of free sites. But while you have been taking in this piece of advice and information, others have been busy making a fortune online, using those very free sites that you have been warned against.

Most of these new Internet entrepreneurs have used blogs or web logs to achieve their enviable accomplishments. Many people have not appreciated just how much blogs have changed the World Wide Web and especially many perceptions that previously carried a lot of weight. For instance we are now seeing popular blogs hosted by free services achieving colossal traffic. In other words the emphasis seems to have shifted rather dramatically to the value of the content rather than that of the “vehicle” that carries it.

Because the content in blogs tends to be updated very regularly, search engines have quickly fallen in love with them. The result is that they’ve been enjoying very high search engine rankings. Then there is the almost natural tendency for blogs to link to one another. The result of this has been that many blogs have almost effortlessly quickly picked up the sort of five figure daily traffic numbers that websites have had to wait for years to achieve. Some blogs have done it in a few short weeks.

Smart online entrepreneurs have established a couple of interesting and tightly focused and targeted blogs, based on both their experiences and valuable, high-paying keywords. The results have been phenomenal with some of them drawing in thousands of dollars monthly in Adsense earnings. For most of them, their earnings from the Adsense click affiliate program have surpassed any other earnings they may have had previously from their online businesses.

Now imagine a situation where some of these new breed of online entrepreneurs have taken the trouble to host their sites at with free hosts who have such a professional approach and look that it is difficult to convince anybody that their sites are hosted free. The result has been the sort of increased Adsense earnings that others find difficult to believe.

It really is worth the effort to look for a good free host to enhance the image of your blog. There is little doubt that this will quite often pay off in a big way in terms of your Adsense click affiliate earnings.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Simple Technique To Make More Money From Your Existing Traffic

There is plenty you can do with your current existing traffic to dramatically increase the revenue you are getting from your site.

Probably the most obvious is to increase return visits. This is by far the easiest thing that you can do right away to increase revenue and overall traffic at your site.

The huge advantage with returning visitors is that they are already familiar with your site and the more times they return the higher their chances of purchasing something or signing up for this or that at your site. In fact research clearly shows that a returning visitor is five times more likely to purchase something from your site.

The Right Tools Will Help
Actually with the right tools, getting your visitors to return is a breeze. Before I reveal to you where you can get the right tools for this mission and free at that, let us look into the technique and what exactly is involved.

Visitors who remain at your site long enough to leave an email address are without doubt your target market. Yet people are busy and there is so much to see online that chances are that they will hardly come back again to your site. Unless they get some notification about a new development or item of genuine interest. Our technique involves the use of regular email notifications of new developments and features of interest at your site.

If a visitor has liked your site, they should have no problem signing up for regular email notifications. Unfortunately at most sites, a regular email notification is cumbersome, time consuming and may often require you to use a separate tool, like an auto responder software or site, where you can enter the email addresses from your opt-in email list and arrange for them to receive regular updates. This makes things very difficult for the already, terribly busy webmaster.

The ideal situation would be to have a site where automatic notifications can be sent out to your list every time you have new content. This is a simple and yet full-proof way of ensuring that as many of your visitors as possible makes return visits again and again.

An Amazing Free Service
There is actually a site that offers this service and for free. hardly looks like a free site with its’ extensive choice of beautifully designed templates. But what is more is that it boasts several amazing features. One of them is automatic email notification to your list every time you have some new content on your site.

Using this site to try out this technique for maximizing on your return visits will help you quickly realize just how effective this strategy can be.

Happy holidays!

May this Christmas bring you peace, hope and love!

I've got very nice greeting cards this year :) and noticed people are more interested in flash and interactivity than normal post cards. It's more attractive if you need to click on some elements in order something to happen; you are involved in what's going on, not just a static audience. I like them :)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Protect Your Valuable Blog From A Sudden Traffic Surge

One of the positively amazing things about blogs is their ability to rapidly pick up traffic. It has a lot to do with the way they link to each other so easily. This rapid traffic growth is a good thing and indeed it is what every blog owner craves for so much so that they often go to great lengths in their effort to attract traffic.

However it can also be a terrible thing if one is not prepared for it. It can mean that your blog goes down at the critical moment when it needs to stay up so that you can take advantage of the increased traffic. The truth of the matter is that most blogs run on free or cheap hosting sites are run from one computer. This works okay when you have 20 to 50 visitors but quickly turns into a nightmare when there are suddenly 100-200 visitors. The result is that the blog will start loading at such a snail pace that nobody will be interested.

To prevent this from happening, blogs should be load-balanced between several datacenters. This is referred to as scalability. However most avoid this because it is pretty expensive. Fortunately there are a few hosts who do not spare the expense to provide an enviable service. is such a site. This site uses multi-datacenter hosting allowing for a dynamic balance of the traffic based on the load and location. A sudden surge in traffic is therefore no problem at all.

Other features that allow for easy access and ease of operation include easy switch between blog and discussion forum layout, posting by email and RSS feed, and a feature that allows email digests with new postings on the same thread.

With a site like this to host your blog, you will never be in that ridiculous position of worrying again about the damage that success brings to your blog venture.

There are two other unrelated but key features that are bound to bring lots of excitement to blow owners. Namely the fact that you can create a virtually unlimited number of blogs and the ease with which one can have dozens of moderators for each blog they create.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't Spend Money On Your Site Before You Start Earning

It is amazing how people continue to ignore successful and popular online business models, when there is so much that can be learnt from them. While creativity is not a bad thing, most folks seem to prefer to re-invent the wheel rather than take the easy path to success of studying what other success stories have done.

One of the most common online business models calls for a website to be launched on a shoestring budget where the cost is close to zero. The spending of the site then increases with its’ success. In most of the cases so far, successful sites have quickly attracted colossal amounts in venture capital funding.

Today there are numerous examples of site owners doing the exact opposite. They start off spending heavily. Predictably when the funds run out, the flashy expensive site fizzles out and goes belly up shortly after.

Advantages Of Starting Out With A Zero Budget
There are several advantages of starting out your website on a budget that is close to zero. The most obvious is that you get to learn your market well before committing any funds. You actually find the customers to finance your website. In a way this is an advanced method of market research in that if you do not find enough customers to make your website viable, then the business is not viable in the first place.

Legendary entrepreneur, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and inventor of the modern assembly line as we know it today was a firm believer that a business should finance itself into existence. If it did not attract enough customers to do this then it had no right to exist in the first place. He was very much against banks heavily financing new businesses. He even used his own business to prove it. The Ford Motor Company was started on a shoestring budget and was heavily financed by its’ rapidly increasing customers.

Whatever you think of Henry Ford and his business ideas, there is no denying the fact that they worked. Ford ended up a billionaire many times over. The really exciting thing to note here is that it is much easier to launch an online business on a shoestring.

Start With A Free Site That Does Not Look Like A Free Site
Most of your expense in an online business will tend to go towards you establishing a website and paying for web hosting services. Naturally you can avoid this expense by going for a free site. The only problem is that most free sites look cheap and unappealing with “free site” written all over them.

However there are a few sites that have such a high standard of design and presentation and have such a high number of templates that they do not look like free sites at all. is one such site.

This site enjoys the following key advantages. Tools are so easy to use that your setup time will be close to zero and you can have a professional looking website up and running within the hour. Secondly many webmasters value the site’s seamless and easy integration with merchant tools such as Paypal as well as the professional business-oriented templates that make it easy to attract the paying clients in the first place.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why Good Looks Will Always Give You More Traffic

No Webmaster or person with any online presence can afford to ignore the subject of traffic. Without enough traffic, no site can ever hope to be successful. Yet the reality on the ground is that competition for traffic is fierce and it is for this reason that most webmasters are always struggling to gain and maintain a reasonable flow of traffic to their site.

Content is King But You Need A Good Vehicle To Carry It In
There is no denying the fact that content is king and will always be the major determinant as to how much traffic your site can actually attract and retain. But it is also equally true that you will need a vehicle to carry that content. Good books will hardly get read if they are not attractively packaged, complete with a well-designed beautiful cover. Readers will find it difficult to read if the pages have not been neatly and attractively laid out so that reading is made as pleasurable as possible.

This applies even more in the online world because it is not very easy to read something on a computer for long time. This means that webmasters and site owners have to make that extra effort to present their content in a manner that is attractive and pleasing to the eye as possible.

Take A Closer Look At High Traffic Sites
Just take the time to have a closer look at your favorite, high traffic sites. You will quickly notice that without exception, all of them are beautifully and attractively designed in such a way that it is easy for you to make your way around the site.

Good web designs will not attract attention to the design as such, but people will find that they unconsciously stay longer at the site and end up enjoying their visit immensely. It also becomes easier to lure them back for more visits again and again. Everybody knows the value of returning visitors in any site.

Excellent Web Design Can Be Free
This statement may sound like a lie even to the very experienced because people have often paid out a lot of money and have still ended up with a lousy design. How then can one get a good design for free? Or a unique amazingly well designed and attractive choice of templates that are free? The truth is that different top design companies have different business models and some of these business models favor the user in giving for free certain services that many paying clients do not receive.

One site whose design aspects and available templates stand out is What has further contributed to this site’s rapid growth is the fact that web design and building tools at the site are very easy to use even for newbies. Other strong and useful points that stick out for users are consistency of layout and formatting and the ease with which one can switch between designs swiftly and without having to interfere with the content. Serious webmasters or marketing-oriented people will also love the site traffic statistics that are very easy to follow and analyze so as to implement improvements and adjustments quickly at the site.

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