Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Simple Technique To Make More Money From Your Existing Traffic

There is plenty you can do with your current existing traffic to dramatically increase the revenue you are getting from your site.

Probably the most obvious is to increase return visits. This is by far the easiest thing that you can do right away to increase revenue and overall traffic at your site.

The huge advantage with returning visitors is that they are already familiar with your site and the more times they return the higher their chances of purchasing something or signing up for this or that at your site. In fact research clearly shows that a returning visitor is five times more likely to purchase something from your site.

The Right Tools Will Help
Actually with the right tools, getting your visitors to return is a breeze. Before I reveal to you where you can get the right tools for this mission and free at that, let us look into the technique and what exactly is involved.

Visitors who remain at your site long enough to leave an email address are without doubt your target market. Yet people are busy and there is so much to see online that chances are that they will hardly come back again to your site. Unless they get some notification about a new development or item of genuine interest. Our technique involves the use of regular email notifications of new developments and features of interest at your site.

If a visitor has liked your site, they should have no problem signing up for regular email notifications. Unfortunately at most sites, a regular email notification is cumbersome, time consuming and may often require you to use a separate tool, like an auto responder software or site, where you can enter the email addresses from your opt-in email list and arrange for them to receive regular updates. This makes things very difficult for the already, terribly busy webmaster.

The ideal situation would be to have a site where automatic notifications can be sent out to your list every time you have new content. This is a simple and yet full-proof way of ensuring that as many of your visitors as possible makes return visits again and again.

An Amazing Free Service
There is actually a site that offers this service and for free. Sitekreator.com hardly looks like a free site with its’ extensive choice of beautifully designed templates. But what is more is that it boasts several amazing features. One of them is automatic email notification to your list every time you have some new content on your site.

Using this site to try out this technique for maximizing on your return visits will help you quickly realize just how effective this strategy can be.


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